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My teaching philosophy




At the core of my teaching philosophy I am focused on sharing the strategies and technical skills needed to perform with freedom and confidence and to also inspire the many ways we can express ourselves through great music. 


I never underestimate what is possible from my students because in one’s musical life, with determination anything is possible.  I take great pride in being able to unlock and free a person's possibilities through individual and personalized work together enabling them to develop their own unique voice on the cello.  

I always work first on establishing a strong technical foundation with scales, arpeggios and etudes to keep academic work separate from major repertoire which actually allows those skills to emerge seamlessly into concerto and sonata playing where they really are needed most! 


Performing is also about communicating a story through music and I work on developing those communication skills that ultimately connect us with our audience, friends and community around us.  Equally important is the need to share the excitement and spirit of great music making that have been passed on to me through my own work with master players, teachers and being part of the distinguished schools that I have been associated with.  I am proud to pass that knowledge and experience to the next generation.